This could become a year of health for you too!

Hello, about a month from my last posting here. So yeah, as the title of the thread stands, we all can do a lot for ourselves tbh. I have started to use my money more smartly (like buying cool clothes, drinking less beer) and I’m also building my body by working out. I want to do what I can for myself. If you lose your biases, everything will be possible then. I had 14 years of pain and panic etc. but I did a “Phoenix” and started to like to work hard. The most usual reason to not having inspiration to do this is your physical weakness (not having enough energy to keep up the spirit). Another, and second one is: something you do gets all the energy like some of your hobbies. >For me it is making art. But, really, i AIM very high and feel like I got rid of the monkey on my back. A third one is this: You feel like your voices don’t let you to feel like you want. This is a bad one, but it may help if you say " I have my own life to live for " and if you still push a good start, just keep it up, and have a rocket start for both, physical and mental health. Don’t stress, don’t stress because of the other people at least.


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