This cold can arse off

-33C this moring. Over -40C with wind chill. Both vehicles started, that’s the main thing.


The UK just had its hottest day in February on record.


Aha. You dirty beggers are hogging all the heat. NO FAIR.


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It’s 32F here.

If 0C is freezing and 100C is boiling, I’m doubting your figures, @velociraptor What would =40C be in F? I’m sorry I’m so ignorant here.

This has been the most awful winter. So many extreme temp warnings and more snow than I’ve seen in years. It has to get better soon. I can’t take it anymore.

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I’ll tell ya…”freakin’ cold”

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I’m frozen in New York!


-40c is -40f
I only learned that today
My day is done. I learned something new


Why is your account unavailable

Farts of cold air. Sunny. Then cloudy with rain sixty degrees. I won’t see it from my grave. :blush:

Yeah i have to shut down in this weather it just wrecks my equipment

Dang and I thought we had it bad with 40’s. Nope.

I’m sick of the cold too though it’s depressing. It feels like it’s been winter since October.

We just had the first day in like 40 or so where the temperature didn’t get to over 30 degrees C. I don’t mind a more tropical environment. I don’t think I’d do well in your neck of the woods!

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Oh, screw off! Again with the -33C overnight!!!

Expect to find a damn iceberg on my front lawn tomorrow morning. Hello! Mother Nature! It’s March now ferfacksakes… Get your shiz together.


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I hate winter!!

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