This cartoon shows how I feel most days

I’ve posted it before but I feel this feeling is slowly driving me bananas. I have real world issues I need to deal with and I’m just sticking my head in the sand. It’s really getting to me. I seem paralysed by inaction.


I’d like it twice if I could.

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@everhopeful been there, done that. It’s a hole and a deep one at that. Just like your name, you gotta stay everhopeful! The hardest thing is taking the first step, but you can do it! You can’t change everything all at once, but you do it step by step, climb out of the hole by pulling yourself up right, left, right, left until you get out. As soon as you see even a tiny glimpse of light it really makes it all worth the climb. Like I said, been there, done that, too many times.


Thanks @pharoutphrog , that’s helpful.

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