This can't be normal

I’ve been having these symptoms for a couple of years now. I made several attempts to get help and I didn’t get anywhere. I have good and bad days. I never had any mental health issues in the past. I never touched drugs or anything like that. Suddenly I started getting anxiety attacks. Then I started hearing internal voices when I’m trying to sleep. I hear voices coming out of a sleep too. I get nightmares that wake me up and really vivid dreams. Some have suggested sleep hallucinations are normal. I get these almost everyday though. I’m aware that this isn’t real. I don’t have any delusions or paranoia. I’m just concerned about this being symptoms of psychosis or possibly schizophrenia.

I would talk to a psychiatrist

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Sometimes you can have psychosis without schizophrenia, but if it’s constant, then it’s most likely schizophrenia.

Everything I’ve ever heard about hallucinations while awakening or while falling asleep have told me that these are called hypnopompic and hypnogogic hallucinations and that these are considered normal.

But, just to be sure, if I were you, I would consult a doctor or even a psychiatrist about it. Hearing them everyday seems a bit much.


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