This bottle of amantadine should do the trick

In the words of hunter s thompson, :=“this won’t hurt a bit”

Use it only as prescribed.

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What’s it for MG?

its for stiffness and weight loss from the atypicals, Ive got the capsules and a large bottle of the liquid.

I have some but scared to take it. It can increase psychosis?

you know, thats a good question. I read that it can and personally I thought it did, but my dr told me that in 30 years of practice she has never heard of that happening to anyone. In fact she wants me to try it again

Ok Gorilla! Sometimes just the paranoia about the meds can mess with me. Hope it works for you bro.

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thanks @SzAdmin. This drug is supposed to be very beneficial. I hope I can tolerate it on the next go round

this might be just the thing to stiffen me up

Is today your first day?

What’s your experience with lamictal vs Depakote?

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no today isn’t but it will be soon. I’m on lamictal its ok in the side effects department. It totally changes my personality and the way I express myself to others though. It messes with my memory and word finding.
Depakote is a huge weight gainer for many people, I personally won’t take it.
Its a really good med though and some people swear by it. It might not make you gain weight but for me it did. I would take lamictal over depakote if I was given the choice.

Do they do the same thing?

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not exactly. Lamictal is for bipolar depression, its a weird antidepressant, I literally cannot feel depressed when I’m on it. Depakote is a mood stabilizer that treats mania, its so you don’t get to high from your moods. Lamictal offers some protection but only from the downswings, depakote protects you from the manic highs.
What are you thinking of taking them for?

I have been on Depakote, but feeling flat and depressed. I started viibryd 4 days ago, do you think I should switch to lamictal? Or just wait.

“This is backcountry!” “Get in”

I loved that movie. Never heard of antamide or whatever. Hope it helps

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I don’t know, 4 days isn’t a lot of time. I used to be hasty and switch things quickly but now Im learning the way to do it right takes time. What does your doctor think?