This big empty hole in me

i still havent filled it. i used to fill it with alcohol and work, and travel, and sports and sports viewing. but now most of these things i no longer enjoy. also it seems there is not a religion for me, after giving up the religion i was raised in, i try to make up my own but it has no authority and i just don’t believe my own religion. a big piece of me is now missing and i don’t know what to do?

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sorry for mentioning religion, i just felt it was a relevent piece to my puzzle and my current state.

I don’t know what to fill my hole with.


Hey have you tried social network I know it may sound funny but theirs some cool sites out there where you can talk to people and get to know them. Try cartooncrazy

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my new religion is basically try to be good person. strive for afterlife or rebirth with the help of a benevolent being haha. live forever. glad im no longer drinking though, i still watch a bit of basketball and sometimes take hiking trips which i enjoy, but the majority of my days lack purpose.

@Illvoices yes i could use a little more socialization. will have to look into that, thanks.

this whole workout and eat healthy seems a little pointless since im single. that is another thing im currently trying. just wear myself out enough not to care or worry about things. sometimes it works and keeps me distracted. other times i feel like a fool.

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To me, you’re just defining what it is to be mentally ill. There are other major religions to look into. I joined up with the Bahai’s.

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Haha alcohol is worst drug ever I guess best they could do 2000 years ago.

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Are you lonely? A big part of leaving a religion is leaving the community it’s brings. Maybe finding a hobby where you can talk to others? That’s the only reason I still use Facebook. To talk to internet friend so I’m not as lonely.

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lol what do you mean by that

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Like I have this emptiness in my life but nothing fills it.

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It might be that you felt your identity was rooted in religion. I felt a bit like that when I let go of mine. Being raised with strong religious teachings can do that.

Take pride in just having good morals and good values without having to give all that power away to religion :blush:

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I Noticed How Your Topic Has, ‘The Big Empty’. If I Remember Correctly, That Was A Great Stone Temple Pilots Song. Strange To Note, I Was Kinda Marveled At How, After Scott Weiland’s Passing Into The Next Phase Of Existence. (Which Is A Personal Outlook On The Cycle Of Life And Death).

N e Hoo.

After His Trip Into The Great Unknown, I Felt My Personal Empty Once Again.

Strange To Note (Part 2). During The 90’s Especially In The Arena Of Artistic Music. The Crowds, And Fans, And Many Families Lost Many Great Individuals. In That Unusual Field Of Creativity.

Leaving Many Big Empty’s.

Spirituality Has A Way Of Defining A Person. True Freedom Exist’s On Both Sides Of The Fence. There Is No Scripture That Forces Itself Upon Anyone’s Psyche. Unless, It Touches The Heart And Shadow Personally. Then There Are Many Roads To Study. To Fixate Your True Intentions Upon The Foundation Of True Reality. And True Illusions.

Point Is,

If You Want To Find Purpose In A Life That Feels Empty. You Have To Push Yourself Patiently, Calmly, And Directly Into An Observation Of Life That Makes Complete Sense. No Excuses. No Regrets. No Lies. And No Return.

Like I Have Said Many Times During My Meditative Area’s Of Life.

Door Number 1.
Door Number 2.
It’s Up To You.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night Everyone!.

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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