This August it will have been 24 years since I stabilized

I was lying in bed all day after getting out of the state hospital, listening to my mother read Pearl S. Buck books to me while I laid there…I thought it was so peaceful being semi delusional still I thought I had finally reached Heaven. a few weeks after that I realized it was all lies my brain fixed up for me the past years and fell into a depression.


And how do you feel now? Do you feel mostly recovered?

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@ZmaGal well I feel great as opposed to back then but I wouldn’t say I’m recovered completely…I still think it’s going to be hard for me to be in the art walk here in town, I might still not do it…I think if I was recovered I probably would do the art walk without hesitance. so , I’m fine but not recovered, I guess.

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I understand. But I’m glad you can see improvement in yourself. Any time you can handle things better than before is a success.


thanks…most definitely it’s better than it was way back when…and that’s after handling a panic disorder too…thank goodness I got over that…I have a friend that won’t listen to me and he suffers from a panic disorder without getting better…sad.

Glad to hear you’ve improved over the years!

In my opinion I’ve also have but sometimes there are setbacks. That’s life.

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