This annoying guy

This guy used to harass me at work. Now he goes to my AA home group down the street. What can I do???

Well you have two choices. Avoid him or face him.

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They say “Principles before personalities”. You’re there mainly to get clean, the guy might have something to say that might help you. Just avoid him. Don’t sit near him, don’t talk to him. I’ve been to hundreds of meetings, I rarely see people fighting or getting picked on. Not everybody gets along but you’re there all there for a common purpose. In 25 years of meetings I can only remember being picked on a couple times and those were just isolated incidents. I’m sure not everybody liked me but bickering and bullying seem to take a backseat in meetings. Ignore the guy. Take the high road. If he bugs you, simply tell him, “I’m here to get sober not to get along with you or be bothered by you”, but say it in as nice a way as you possibly can. Set the boundaries.


I would just nod and keep walking.


If he picks on you in AA he will get the crap for it. You are all there for the same reasons. You are all equal to each other. No matter your occupation, mental state or wealth. Don’t start a fight with him, avoid him. Maybe he has stories that can be helpful?

My son with autism and adhd want friends and don’t know how to get them. He tried fighting with and pushing possible friends when he was younger.

Maybe he wants your attention and don’t know how to do.

Fifteen characters

Bare knuckle boxing.

Five rounds if you can take it.

It helps every time.

Just ignore him

Life is too short to waste on him.

Maybe he will surprise you and make amends to you.