This actually is angering

I won’t be able to vote this year because i have an out of state id. It didn’t even cross my mind. Now it might be too late to get one and they probably don’t even do them on the spot anymore. There actually were some state ammendments i wanted my voice to be heard in but now it wont because everythings complicated. And this was supposed to be my first time voting so it actually felt cool even though im not really into any of it besides the ammendments. Now im gonna have to wait till im 25 if i even make it that long

I’ve never voted, ever. In anything.

How far are you from your home state, Rabbit?

Assuming you’re in NY now - that’s amazing that you’re required to register more than three weeks in advance. My state allows in person registration day of the election, at the polling place.

I’m able to vote in Washington. I’m voting in Washington even though I’m from Connecticut. Although I hate all the candidates including Gary Johnson. Sucks. But I once was told DONT VOTE? DONT COMPLAIN!

Silly but it’s been engrained in me.