Thirty days

I just went for thirty days on no food.


I went to get some food last night.

It sucked. You would think that food would taste wonderful after starving for thirty days but it was completely disgusting actually. One of the worst meals i’ve ever had to be honest.

I thought it was going to taste and be wonderful but i had to force down every last bite. And after wards just thinking about the food i ate made me naseous.

I have to find some kind of way out of here.

Are you joking? I thought only David Blaine could get away with crap like that.

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No, im not joking.

My first meal was last night after thirty days of no food, it sucked, i really thought it would be good but it wasnt’ at all.

It wasn’t even painful either. I thought it would be bad.

be careful pans that’s not sustainable.

food does suck though

How much weight did you lose?

I don’t know.

I never weigh myself.