Thirsty ! Dry mouth means something!

I have uncovered quite a thirst for water.

What’s your verdict?

That there is a need for food and drink.

I had terrible dry mouth when I was on Cogentin. Does your excessive thirst have anything to do with your medications?

I don’t think so. I think I’m just making up for the years when I acted like a drink of water didn’t exist. Even my period was dry. I also drank a lot of coffee which dehydrates.

Oh. Well I am glad you’re back on track with the water drinking.

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Dry mouth can be a sign of diabetes…not trying to scare you…just thought you should know…

thanks, juke. I have yearly blood tests and so far, so good.

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I was answering an online test for low thyroid because I knew something was different lately, and come to find out a sudden irresistible craving for ice water was one of the hallmark traits of low thyroid.
It was right.

Chordy, do you like the taste of food? Or do you just eat to survive? Did your mother try to starve you to death.

I usually like the taste of food but can be insensitive to it sometimes like when one has a cold. I have a little fear of poisoning myself which means I have not totally escaped the idea of suicide. Otherwise, my attitude toward food is good.