Third night in a row

I can’t sleep in the living room anymore. I slept in here for two months because I thought the neighbors were messing with me in my bedroom. Above me, and on the other side of me. The property manager told me that it’s a lease violation to sleep in the common area so I went back to sleeping in my room about 4 days ago.

And the first night went OK. But now for the third night in a row, I wake up at 2:00 am or 3:00 am tossing and turning, and with a huge stress headache. I toss and turn for 15 minutes and cannot fall back asleep. So I will not lay down here in the living room but I will sit up for a few more hours until I fall asleep sitting up.

To be honest, the neighbors control me like a puppet. I discovered the brat punks, two doors down have been controlling me without my knowledge. They get the reaction they want when they squeal like little girls. I know you guys may not know what it’s like to be controlled but I’ve been thinking I’ve been fighting back but in reality, I’m so easy to control that the neighbors do it simply now with just a barely audible laugh.

IDK how I grew up like this. I was pretty cool as a kid and a teenager. i had lots of friends until I hit ninth grade. I started isolating but after a short period with no friends when I first entered high school, i made a few friends and after school let out I had really cool friends in my neighborhood. I did everything normal kids did: I fished, rode bikes with my friends, played around with slingshots, flew kites, built model airplanes joined Little League. I mean my life as a kid was right out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

And I hit high school and pretty soon the big kid across the street got to use his parents car and then we were going to parties, and malls and cruising around and sneaking into drive-in movies. Don’t get me wrong, I was pathologically shy and withdrawn but I was just cool enough able to hang out with cool people and do whatever they did.

And now I’m being treated like a punk. It’s tearing up my self-esteem and confidence. When you have five year old’s controlling you and getting the best of you in almost every turn it tends to sap your energy. I know this is kid stuff and I try to take responsibility for how I ended up but I still kinda wonder what my family did to me. I’ve been a second class citizen for a long time. And now people who I don’t even like are wrecking my stay here.

But I need my sleep, I’ve caught the neighbors red handed messing with me and now I’m off track and I don’t exactly know what their trip is. Someone on here said my neighbors are people who want to be “Big fish in a little pond.” Pretty much sums it up. This sleep thing is disturbing me.

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Its a leasing violation to sleep in the living room? That sounds fake to me but idk

It’s a small two bedroom apartment. I probably wouldn’t like it much either if I got up every morning and had the housemate sleeping in until 10:00 am on the living room couch.

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