Thinking that my neighbors talk all the time of my life

Mostly no. We did find ourselves sort of under surveillance by our new neighbours when we moved in last year, but it was because we live in a rented home and it had a horrible reputation on the block. The previous tenants were awful and hated by the entire neighbourhood. Everyone was watching to see if we would also have garbage in our front yard or dead vehicles in the back yard and loud parties with the police arresting people for drug use weekly.

Everyone was relieved to discover that my wife and I are a middle-aged couple, we both have jobs, we don’t party, we keep our yard tidy, and that when our daughter is home for the summer from uni she doesn’t cause problems either. If people talk about us now it’s probably to say that they’re glad we’re not like the previous tenants here. LOL.



I also don’t party, or make noise, I’m the son of a couple with 3 brothers, 5 people, the neighbors here are noisy and party constantly, they don’t like us because we don’t do the same things as them.

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wow, long time ago I had this delusion!
Most of the time when I believe I am the centre of everything (what I mean is that people talk about me or laugh from me) is when I am somewhere in the crowd. In other words, where there are many people.
So yeah, probably my paranoia lessen.

And sorry to hear… I know that it’s hard to fight with paranoia. Stay strong and don’t give up.
I believe that earlier or later it either will lessen (like mine did) or will be gone.

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