Thinking of stopping medication

Just scared of the social consequences.

Me too. But I have tried it before.

No thank you.

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I have made that decision about 5 times and I was worse off without meds than on them

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I have never quit meds all these years.
But I have lowered doses on my own,
and it didn’t go well

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Not a good idea.

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If you relapse, you will need double dose of antipsychotics and time in order to go back in the state you were before you quit


I appreciate the input, but my positive symptoms have never been that severe, whereas I’m currently struggling with negative and cognitive symptoms which could very well be due to the meds.

Please consider waiting until another time when hospitals arent already overcrowded due to a pandemic.

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Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

which ones are you scared of?

I wouldn’t stop taking your medications.
Schizophrenics need to be on their meds.
I become a delusional and paranoid trainwreck without meds.

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Not necessarily true. I’ve gone off meds for up to 7 months and it improved my condition as well as quality of life.

You are definitely the exception.

I mean when I first had psychosis I started fasting, meditating, and stretching. 3 months later I woke up in remission without taking any meds. It’s possible. Only reason I relapsed then was because of cannabis.

please come back to review the comment after two years.

Its not due to the meds. That’s wrong. I stopped meds for a year before getting a worse and dangerous psychosis and I still had negative and cognitive symptoms during that year. They are part of the disease. I only tried weed when I was on meds and it caused psychosis.

I’m not sure what your implying.

I’m on one year AP free, but they didn’t work anyway so we decided it’s ok for me right now. Still waiting for info for lumateperone to reach my pdoc, she can’t get any info until a rep comes to them, the company doesn’t allow her own research. She’s bringing it up next Thursday to her bosses at the clinic and provider meeting, she’s gonna push for a change in stupid policy. We couldn’t even start reauthorize papers for it because her drug index says no such thing restricted.

I’ve quit using my meds twice and when I tried getting on them the second time the doses were stronger and higher! It takes a while to find the right meds that balance both negative and positive symptoms. But getting off of them just makes life more miserable

just a matter of time before your next relapse when off Ap