Thinking of quitting all meds

I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Wednesday, and I kind of want to stop all my meds. I’m currently taking: Risperdal, Zyprexia, Trileptal, Pristiq, Benztropine, and Xanax prn. This is ridiculous! It’s way too many chemicals in my body, especially because I’m only 19 and my brain is still growing. I’ve been on some kind of psych med since I was 14, so I really have no idea what my natural state is. Also, I’m scared that my doctor is going to change my meds and they’re going to sedate me heavily like when I was on Seroquel. I’m fighting a war between the meds and what I know is true. Someone is following me and has bugged my house. I know who it is, and I know what he wants to do to me. He’s waiting for me to be alone in my house, and then he’ll come in and finish what he started almost a year ago. On the meds, I won’t be able to properly fend him off because I’ll be too drugged. No one believes me about the guy following me, so I don’t think my psych will either. My parents would never agree to let me stop taking meds, and my mom’s advice about my stalker was “Don’t think about it.” How can I keep myself safe from the stalker and not piss off my parents, which is a necessity because they support me and I live with them?

I’ve been on med’s for over twenty-five years, and every time I have tried to get off them it hasn’t worked. If you’re emphatic about getting off your med’s try to do it under medical supervision. Talk to the doctor about what your options are. They might be willing to reduce your med’s or put you on different med’s.

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If you are adamant about getting off your meds, then I would ask your doctor to reduce them first and see how it goes.

Please do not attempt to reduce or get off of your meds without your pdocs guidance and approval.


You can’t just quit all meds. It will make you sick. I tried switching from an anti psychotic to anti depressant but my psychiatrists don’t taper me off meds. You’ll experience depression, insomnia, delusional thoughts, etc. I don’t know if the pills cause this. Abilify has a stroke as one of its withdrawal symptoms as well as psychosis. Whether or not you think you need them it is very dangerous.

I read through this. You still think someone has bugged your house and you want go off meds.
Don’t go off the meds. Your house isn’t bugged.

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Use low dose and few medication and


The effects are SEMI PERMANENT.

[quote=“Wave, post:3, topic:29110”]
Please do not attempt to reduce or get off of your meds without your pdocs guidance and approval.

That is the best advice you’ll hear all week @crakcle. @Wave is bang on the money here.

Good luck.



I certainly agree with @Wave. :ocean: If you truly want the best result, work with your mental health professionals to reach a more comfortable place in treatment. Best of luck! :pill:

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That is a lot of meds to be on, but if you really want to stop them, you have to do it slowly and under medical supervision. Maybe start tapering off one and see how that goes. Clearly, the current combination isn’t doing the trick.

As for the man bugging you, why is he stalking you? What does he intend to do once he finds you alone? Is he acting alone? What about you makes someone likely to stalk you? What opportunities has he had to get into your house to plant these bugs?

Given that you are posting on this forum, it is way more likely that you are experiencing a delusion. Ask yourself some questions and engage your critical thinking skills. Talking it out here can also help.

I know how you feel. Taking medication is very difficult for me also. :mask: