Thinking of moving to australia

i think i would like to move to australia. they have latuda so i supposedly wouldnt have to change medicines. who has moved to another country while collecting their ssdi. i was thinking maybe my ssdi would go longer, i would be able to drive a car because of a clear driving record and such and so forth.


so i guess yall dont think this makes me crazy.

Keep this in mind:

I think it is a perfectly healthy ambition to want to travel, but make sure you take care of how you get your med’s. You don’t want to lose touch with reality in a foreign land.


I live in Adelaide Australia its a great place to live some places like Sydney are really expensive to live Australia is great and of course we have all the modern medicines and support youd have to think how youll support yourself of course but i think its a great idea

I just made several thousand dollars in the stock market and I wanted to travel by myself to Hawaii. That article made me rethink it… But it would be worth a shot anyway… I just do not want to bar myself from doing anything that could produce some joy or happiness due to a little amount of uncertainty and fear, we have to much of that as it is. It took me 8 months to make that money…

You actually put a lot of self doubt into me. Thanks…

You can’t just move to a different country if you don’t have citizenship. If u r skilled worker or studying you can apply for visa. U must have some big cahoones that u don’t mind starting a new life in AU while needing ssdi.

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I’m not saying don’t do it. Just start with small trips, ideally with a friend, and see how things go.


If your under age 30 you might be able to for 1 year. But once your over 30 I think foreigners can’t get the 1 year visa anymore

Good luck,there is a lot of document you might need to move to Australia.Unless your there as a tourist only.

When I was young I moved to America and so on, I think that it is quite costly to establish a new life in a new country and culture, I never calculated how much it was to establish the life in America, but I think it was quite a lot (including all travels, housing, automobiles and many other important elements in one’s new life).

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I do not know what Australia’s immigration processes are. You might want to do some research. I suppose you could be a tourist, but then they (Australia’s immigration people) may want to see that you have enough money with you. I have currently an expired Green Card because I have been away from the USA over 14 years. i almost could suggest that you would do ‘a pilot trip’ to Australia just to find out how it would be.

I don’t blame you for wanting to travel in spite of your mental illness and disability status. After all you only live once. But look before you leap.


You are still young and it is good to see the world when you are young. But seeing the world costs money. I am lucky that I have been in many places when I was young, but now I have no interest to travel anywhere. I have never been to Australia, might be a nice country to visit. If I were you, I would rent an automobile in Australia’s bigger cities and would drive around across Australia. Another things you might want to do is to travel in Europe, now there are no borders and it is easy to travel around.

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