Thinking of joining new community

sz forum is my only online community. won’t leave here till I overcome MI

I study computers, I joined computer community.

everyone in that community cursed me out, yesterday.

joining a computer community would improve my progress.
but after yesterday, I don’t want to join another computer community:
I couldn’t even study

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It is good that you are able to study.

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That’s rough. You could try a different website. Some communities are full of arseholes. There are some gamer communities that are just toxic. Nothing but insults and racial slurs all day long. The reason why I won’t play DOTA or League of Legends. Even your own team-mates rag on you and quit if you are learning.


barely though. whenever I’m stressed, I can’t. that’s why I don’t think I ever want to join a computer community again. almost made me dislike computers.

Once in a blue moon I try to learn more about mathematics. Like I was freaking out when I saw that 1+2+3+4+5… = -1/12 sometimes.

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I have math books. studied them but stop. they won’t get me good job.

In the future we won’t need jobs. If you ask me do whatever makes you happy.
This topic is inspiring me to try to revive my math studies

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true. true. that’s fruit for thought.

Looking at jobs, which programming languages are you learning? Usually I see them asking for C++ or C#. Sometimes java or matlab. Sometimes stuff I never heard about like hadoop.

depends what college teaches

My recommendation for joining new communities is spend some time observing them first - take a few weeks and just read the posts, get a feel for how the community works, what the rules and customs are, what subjects are appropriate. It might help you integrate more painlessly.


I know a meditation community called that is just beautiful. Everybody is so kind and wonderful and sweet to each other it is unreal. Regular meditation has that effect on people. It actually makes you more compassionate.

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Rhubot. More like Winbot. I don’t know just wanted to say that.


I wouldn’t give up just yet. Like @Rhubot said, maybe just lurk and read posts on another site and get a feel for it before joining. Could be that you just picked the wrong site to join. I have been thinking of joining a Christian forum lately since that sort of thing isn’t allowed here. Best wishes in whatever you decide to do.

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hmmmm, if any consolation, I’ve been suspended I think at least 10 times since Christmass on here.

I guess. but still, I don’t like incrimination if it severely affects my progress.

might just study solo. did my first course solo.

when I’m ahead, I might take risk.

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anyway, thanks, yeah, very glad to be here, ignored by many, but not easily, ha

I think that it is very good that you are able to study.
For me I stick to chess. I can win chess games against strong opponents barely thinking.
So for me its chess.
Don’t get discouraged!
You can ask for my help I will kick the ass (literally) of those who troll you.
I really wish you the best. As I said, do what you like, regardless of a job.
And don’t get discouraged!
And if you have problems tell me and I’ll help you.

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ah, the man with all the answers what’s your best 5K?

Mine was 20.59 minutes


Are you talking to me?( to Daze)

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