Thinking of going on Abilify Maintana

I was on pill form at one point. Didn’t like it but it kept me stable (Never really liked any of the medications I’ve tried). Was looking at prices and in the USA it was somewhere around $1700 per month, here in the UK where I would get it free it’s around £220, why such a difference in price I wonder.

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good luck. im on it currently. also been on invega sustenna. Like the maintena better

Didn’t like it but it kept me stable

That pretty much sums up how I feel about abilify tablets. Cloneazapam kept the anxiety ,restlessness, and ‘amped up’ feelings at bay. Now I’m off clonaezpam, I have to find new ways to cope with abilify.

But it does a good job. It keeps me sane. I’m on 10mg tablets.

Hey serious. Sorry the depixol isn’t cutting it anymore. I am kinda wondering if it has stopped working for me. Had a few episodes over the last month. Don’t want to go on the respiridone injection so not sure what options are left.

The depixol is ok it keeps me stable 99% of the time. Just rarely I can get stressed and my head messes up for a few hours. I’ve been thinking more about it and now i’m thinking maybe fluphenazine (Prolixin) as I wasn’t happy on abilify.

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Here’s a list of depot medication available in the UK. Zyprexa on the list I don’t think you can get, I heard they only use it if your permanently in care as they need to monitor you for so many hours after the injection.

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Yeah I remember reading something like that about the zyprexa one.

Do you have any experience of clopixol (sister molecule to depixol). From what I gather it is slightly more sedating - it is also sometimes used when the patient has a history of violence. I am not violent in any way but am wondering if this med might help. I get so jacked up and anxious during my episodes.

Your situation seems similar to mine. Depixol working most of the time but sometimes thing crop up - we have a real hard time.

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I was on clopixol for around 6 months at one point. They took me off it and changed me to depixol as I was having difficulty sitting still. I remember when I first went on it I felt mentally weak and slowed down but that went away.

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