Thinking of going back to nursing school

Now that my anxiety is better and my cognition has improved.

I’ve already completed about 3/4 of a degree already.

I’m a little worried though about being almost 40 with a back injury. Plus I know a lot of nurses are overworked and hate their jobs.

I do like biology, health sciences, and medicine. And I desperately need a higher income.

I don’t know. Just started thinking about it last night.


What type of nursing is it for?

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What about radiology therapist or sonographer or something?


It’s a 2-year associates degree in general nursing.

I would think about doing a BSN (bachelors degree) if I can transfer gen ed credits from the BA I already have. I guess it depends on time and money. My first priority would be getting in the work force.

Not sure what specialty I would like. I think it would be neat to be a traveling nurse.


I’ve thought about that before. You can certainly make a decent living on some of those wages.

I don’t know if I’d enjoy it as much though, given the narrower scope. But it’s possible it could be a better option for me, given my physical limitations. It would probably be less stressful as well.

Also, those programs are super competitive!

I was hoping with all the nursing credits and classes I already have under my belt, getting back into a nursing program would be easier.


@Anna did you do an associates or a bachelors in nursing?

I would definitely go back and finish your degree. 40 is very young. I was going to get a 2nd degree in it around 50 and should have. You have so little left to finish. Most heavy work isn’t done by nurses. Orderlies and nursing assistants.


You could get your nurse degree then work at a clinic? Then you don’t have to do 12 hour shifts at hospital. Maybe that will be better for you

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Thanks for the encouragement @Brendalyn.

That’s a good point about nursing assistants.

Yeah, I was thinking I might not be suited for 12-hour hospital shifts.

I would hate to do all that work only to be crushed by the hard reality of the actual job.

That’s a good idea.


My gf is going into nursing. I suggested clinic or community health or public health nursing. For that reason,to not get crushed by the job.
I think burnout is higher in the hospital setting. So you just do what is best for you.
You can do it! :blush:

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I am worried that in order to find something less grueling, I’ll be required to “pay my dues” so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I am very hardworking and don’t want to come off as entitled, but what I could do at 20 years old is very different than what I can do now, pushing 40.

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I think it’s a good idea, especially when you have done most of the work already. And it’s a very noble profession, and nurses are already in a high demand and expected to rise in the future.

It will be real easy to get a job. Part time also. You could even move if you like. There are a lot of countries short on nurses.

Here in Norway they were recently debating wheter to draft young people as orderlies and assistant nurses for a period of time like they do the army, because the demand is so high that they are really struggling to get enough manpower.

If I wanted a job that would be the education to take. Unfortunatly I have always become ill at ease around injured people and it has not improved with age, so I don’t think I would do good as a healthcare provider, but I wish I could.

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I sometimes don’t know why I don’t do an easier degree but then I see it as pointless or worthless. I’m not the same man I used to be before schizophrenia. I’m like a 1/50th of the man I used to be. I honestly am more interested in mathematics than computer science but CS is cool too especially algorithms and data structures and stuff. That’s where the jobs are. CS is a weakness of mine. Probably just as weak or weaker than physics right now.

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