Thinking of going back to college to doA Level in Art

I’m thinking of going back to college to do a A Level in Art. I might just do the one A Level as not sure I can cope with more hours. How many hours will it be?

I don’t know how many hours it will be, but I hope you enjoy it and learn a lot from it if you do it

Thanks. I think it’s about four hours class room time.

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Probably not more than 5 to 8 hours per week. That would be so enjoyable. Would you apply for this year or is it too late

I wish I did an a level in art instead of chemistry…

My other a levels were maths biology and German…

Which ones did you do?

Yeah I’m applying for this year.

Sociology, Media Studies, Welsh and Sociology.

Maybe you should do a A Level art to. Yeah I don’t want something that’s to many hours.

I’ve also applied to do Photography as it was years ago I did Photography and only did A/S.

I would think that it’s too much investment into art doing that A level. Ain’t got the time and patience for that amount of painting. It’s gonna be a LOT I mean I did gcse art and that was already a lot. Cos I will be going back into work in October so I need to be able to have no pressure on me. I think it’s an awesome thing to do though if you are capable to and have the time to. Art rocks, hehe. I just only like to do it when I’m in the mood and that’s it though…

Thanks for the suggestion thou :+1:

That sounds great.

Is it going to be free???

I think there might be small deposit. Good luck with work. What are you going to do.

I know what you mean about doing art when in mood. It sort of comes in waves.

Oh cool. So I guess small deposit means you get the money back?
I thought there might be a concession as an mi patient.

I don’t feel comfortable to say on here wat work it is. Maybe once I thrive in it I will reveal it lol, jk.

I’m not sure if you get money back.

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Is there a separate extra fee for the exams.

How much are they charging.

I kind of love the idea of being in class with other art students thou it sounds good

I’m not sure bout exam fee. The other students will probably be very young.


Best of wishes with it… Sounds very exciting!

Oh yeh they’ll be like 17 isn’t it.

There might be some doing what ur doing too thou

I hope there’ll be mature students there.

I think probably yes. Because I mean in normal a level classes we never had the mature students so perhaps this will be a separate thing. Where you get ppl doing what you are doing. Some may be younger thou but perhaps not all

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