Thinking of giving up working

Becoming too much for me to handle


I have the same thought.
My ability to function at work is not there because of the schizophrenia.

What will you do for income if you don’t work Joker?

I will have to burn through my savings until I can get benefits

You should be proud of yourself that your working in the first place mate.

But if its too much, and only you know that - get yourself back on them.


Withdraw the money over time but don’t spend it. Keep it under your mattress. Apply for benefits when your bank statements are at desperation levels.


Could you maybe just take a long vacation for now and see how you feel in a couple months?

If it’s too much for you in the end I would consider giving it up though.

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What about a different job. I’ve seen some of the work you do posted here are on the forum, You are good at what you do but it seems like hard work.

Is there a possibility you can scale back a little instead of giving it up entirely? Or like @Bowens said, take a break and then see how you feel?


How would you pay your mortgage or rent? Wouldn’t you end up homeless?

I’ve considered giving up work but, doubt benefits would cover my mortgage and rent on my shared ownership?

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I agree.
I’m not sure the benefit amount will meet or exceed your mortgage or rent.

It crosses my mind to just give up and not work. But the thought of having nothing to do scares me more than getting up and going to work three days a week. And I have too good a deal at work to want to give up this job. Good hours, good pay, paid sick leave, paid vacation, easy work etc.

I mean you must be feeling depressed right now but really think what you would be giving up if you quit. It’s more than money. It keeps you occupied and out of the house for one thing. You’re good at what you do so that must give you satisfaction. Your job must give you pride that you can support yourself. It’s good for your health; you’re out in the sun using your muscles. And it exercises your brain too.

You’re like me, when you have nothing to do you do not do good.

I don’t want to paint you in a corner where you feel if you don’t work your life is going to fall apart and that you have to work no matter how crazy it drives you. If it is just absolutely wrecking your mental health then it might be smart to quit. But really weigh your options and don’t make any rash decisions because you’re feeling bad right now. It’s a major life decision and really think it through.

Personally, I’ve worked almost 40 years and as you might guess, I’ve felt like giving up many, many times. I just kept going. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and doing what I know. I worked while psychotic, depressed, being heavily medicated, drug addiction, and a million other things life threw at me.
Woody Allen once said, “90% of success is just showing up.” And that’s what I’m good at. Getting up when I don’t feel like it, taking a shower, eat something, make the drive and just physically show up at work.

Then my dad taught me that having a good attitude is very important too and in my job review I got high marks for having a good attitude and that’s why I succeed.

I mean it’s normal for the thought of quitting to cross your mind, but it’s possible to keep going. I’ve been one step away from going to the hospital but I keep going to work and it always works itself out and I’m able to keep working.
Of course on your bad days you’re going to feel like giving up, that’s natural. But just think what you would be giving up.

Maybe everybody is right and you should just scale back your hours and simply work less or take an extended “vacation” and just get away from work for a short while and then go back to it another time.
If that’s possible. Good luck on whatever you decide.


Physical labor is hard and lanscaping is hard as hell and you were very talented IIRC thats what you did for a living. You’re smart too!

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Thank you for all the replies.

Somehow I am going to have to get through this blip.

Hopefully Prozac will work out, but who knows for sure


Maybe you can do it more part time? The full time pace can be tiring and stress


Yeah, @Joker, nothing wrong with working part time. I’ve worked almost 40 years but most of it was part time. Basically, in all my jobs, I worked whatever they asked me. If they wanted me to work full time then I would do it. If they only wanted me to work part time then I did it. Through the majority of my employment I worked whatever shift they have me. If they wanted me to be to work at 6:00 am or 8:00 am then I did it. If they wanted me to work 8 hours I did it. If they asked me to work nights and close
I obliged. If they asked me to work overtime I always did it.
I think around 1994 that companies I worked for were reluctant to hire people full time or pay overtime. So when I unloaded trucks they scheduled me for 37 1/2 hours a week, 7 hours a day. They just really didn’t want to take the chance of paying overtime.

My current job does not give overtime. Period. If you clock out one minute past your scheduled time then you’re in trouble.

But yeah, maybe twenty hours a week might work for you. IDK.

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Part time is good stuff!!

That’s what I’m aiming for, for now!!

Maybe take a break, then if you want to try out part time, maybe give it a go.

It’s good to do what you’re capable of, no less and no more. Because it feels good.

Good luck.

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