Thinking of giving up seeing the doctor until Covid19 is over

I don’t have a car and have to take the bus or Uber. They won’t let you wait in the waiting area or stand outside the building. I had to go to the Institute on Aging nearby to wait.
I think I’m just going to stop seeing the doctor until Covid19 is over. I just won’t get my prescriptions refilled, only my Abilify which comes from my pdoc.
My hip and lower back really hurt, making it difficult to walk. It’s too much a hassle seeing my primary care doctor.

Sounds reasonable to me, if you don’t have any pressing health issues. Hopefully they will have the vaccine out to us soon.

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the only thing i wonder about is…how long will they have these kind of restrictions even after the vaccine is out. Things may not get back to normal for quite some time.

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