Thinking of ending my therapy

I would go back to my old therapist but I’m doing EMDR with the ptsd Therapist. I really think we made a lot of progress. The post Trumatic stress doesn’t seem to bother me much anymore. At least for now. It may come back. But I’m feeling so good that it doesn’t even bother me. I’m sick of the kooky stuff we do, it’s helped me, but I don’t think I need it anymore. Also, weekly therapy is kind of a lot for me. I want to do a couple more sessions, I finally feel comfortable sharing my second biggest trauma with her and I want to clear that from my mind. And then I want to end my therapy with her. It’s been a good run I’ve gone every single week and she complemented me for that But I think I’m ready to move on and go back to my old therapist almost.


What was your ptsd?


Kids broke into my house and tortured me physically and mentally while doing drugs was the worst thing. … among a billion other things. My ptsd originates from 11-14 years old. It was the cause of my sz at 14 years old. I never used drugs. Not even a sip of alcohol before my ptsd and sz was already pretty terrible. But being plotted against, and tortured, at 19 while on 4 tabs/beer/weed made it all 10000x worse. That was the cause of my hospitalizations

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