Thinking of an old buddy. TW

I liked him. Indiana Jones meets dungeons and dragons.

He was a professor of archeology at UC Berkeley. We originally met through a video game, hit it off and hooked up.

He loved telling stories about his adventures, primarily in Egypt and the Middle East. Long days of clearing dig sites and cataloging bits. He also was a very talented dungeon master.

We’d do weekend rentals, wine tours, comic events. He was a sweet guy. I remember spending a 4th of July with him. We would talk of worlds far away from here. We shared in common desires of a realm bigger than the one we’ve got.

Trigger warning:

2008 hit, everything tanked. The school let people go. They canceled his next expedition, let him go, and was upside down on his house, his life burnt down.

We don’t know where he got the gun. It was nearly Christmas. He couldn’t take it.

The funeral was hard, he probably had no idea so many people would turn out.

I miss you dude, least I got to spend some time with you.


sounds like a nice guy yea… i’m sorry that he couldn’t take it any longer…

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That’s so sad. It breaks my heart

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Sorry for your loss @Ooorgle.

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