Thinking i'm surplus to requirements

As everyone knows i’m a regular contributor to the news forum, but as sz admin often repeat posts articles i’ve found( from different sources) ,and gets more replies, i am questioning whether my participation is superfluous and any value.
This never used to happen on the old boards with the frequency it does here. Think i may have outlived my usefulness and it’s time to say goodbye.

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i think its good that you contribute alot,but i feel your effort would be rewarded someday,even if its not being recognise,its a challenge for you

Sometimes szadmin and I post the same articles. It happens.

I think your posts contain more statistical data which perhaps some find harder to take in.

i for one always read ur posts, even if i don’t always comment. xxx

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I always look forward to your articles. I think they add a lot of value to the forum. Even if people don’t comment on them, they’re still being read.

Plus, you have other value to the forum. You reply to posts with sincere and logical content. And you’ve been a member of our community for a long time now.

So please, don’t say goodbye. Stick around and keep posting!




I do always read your post. Sometime after I read them I don’t have any questions or comments, but I still got value out of them.

You have added a lot to this forum. I would be very sad to see you go.

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I’m relatively new here, but honestly I’ve never seen you reply to anyone. It makes me feel like you’re disconnected from the conversation even if you’re the one who started it. But I find what you post very valuable.

I’ve replied to quite a few people.

You also have no idea how much these articles may be helping someone who is just reading to get information.

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Not at all - your contributions are very helpful. I miss many stories that you get - and sometimes is good to have multiple stories on the same topic from different view points. Please keep up the great effort - its much appreciated!

No, I always read the articles you post. I don’t comment but I read them, and I prefer them coming from a person with a name and personality rather than a role (“admin”).

You have much to contribute @firemonkey, I don’t want you to go, please stay.