Thinking I’m in a time loop

Posting to here about this because I just don’t really know what else to do right now. Whenever I get anxious and I’m alone I think I’m caught in a time loop and that I’ll be stuck here forever. Then I’ll have set beliefs that if I do certain things, the “time loop” will break. It feels real but I’m holding on and telling myself it isn’t. It’s so surreal, strange, and frightening. Does anyone else experience this?


There’s lot of whacky theories about reality. Someone somewhere in the world believes in one of them.

Here are some theories

  • Nietzsche’s eternal return (your time loop)
  • Solipsism (you’re the only real person)
  • We’re living in a simulation

Etc etc.

They’re all philosophical traps.

You can’t exactly disprove any of them, but don’t fall into the trap of accepting them as true just because you can’t disprove them.


If you fall into one of these you will forget to live life!


Sounds like groundhog day

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I too was in a time loop…please tell your pdoc about this…you need help.

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I think these often

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I experience these philosophical traps. I know it’s just a symptom and I feel really detached from the world and don’t understand it and just watch listen observe and wonder.

Someone or thing needs to happen to snap me out or sometimes I can come back to reality.

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I have experienced time-loops. Then I realized its basically the same thing as “spacing out” in a classroom. Your mind just drifts and you lose perception of time. Time is still linear and real, the conscious mind is just capable of processing at higher speeds. Nothing nefarious about it.

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These philosophical traps are especially bad for me because I majored in philosophy


This kind of stuff confuses me because I study philosophy and intend to go into it as a career, but I do get obsessive about it and end up experiencing things this way all the time. But the obsession makes me extremely good in my coursework and at understanding theories. What is the difference between this and psychosis symptoms?


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