Thinking I can do the art walk after all...hopeful

I’m painitng one painting a month until I get around 15 to 20 pieces enough to do the art walk here in town in a year or so…makes me happy…i could stand to make a lot of money.


Good for you. Go for it. :grin::grin::grin:

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The local art collective I joined is after me to put prints up for sale in the gallery.

Sounds like work.

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oh it’s gonna be a lot of work @velociraptor I see this as the only way I can make extra money or I probably wouldn’t invest all the time and money.

My wife used to have a friend that was an artist. We used to go to Art in the Park with her in Texas. She asked so much for her work though that no one ever bought anything.

They had this food truck that sold flavored corn on the cob though. Good stuff. It was still fun.

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I downmark my paintings…no more than 250 dollars for my hardest pieces…most in the 150 -175 dollar range. I used to go to art festivals…good times…

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