Thinking about taking an extra five or ten mg abilify

What do you rethink.I’ve only taken a five mg ability ten mg lexapro sand a one mg cogent in.

5mg abilify will do nothing for you :roll_eyes:

Please talk to your doctor about going on 10mg full time.

I take two five mg a day which equals ten mg. They split them because of a breathing problem. Anyway,it wasn’t ability it was smoking ■■■■■■■ ecigs.I’m just wondering if I could take another abilufy

Ok. That’s good. But please talk to your doctor about med increases. Don’t play doctor yourself. I recently had my abilify increased to 15mg from 10mg and it’s made things a bit easier. Talk to your doc.


I agree. Please discuss with your doctor before taking more medication.

Increasing and decreasing is not a good idea.

Can you call your doctor to ask if that would be ok??

I have to deal with then until December fourteenth.thanks for posting.

I’m on 5mg Abilify and it’s going well. No symptoms and I am working.

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I would talk to your pdoc before increasing the dosage.

That means 5mg abilify became the optimum dose for you. You are lucky in that you need not increase the dose which means no threat of side effects. Side effects tend to manifest more at higher doses.


If you look here IMG_0270
the window for antipsychotic efficacy is anywhere from 65 to 75% D2 occupancy.

Aripiprazole achieves this at many doses, pretty much everything between 2mg and 30mg.

It has also been found that doses up to 30mg have no advantage over a 10mg dose.

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5mg abilify does something for psychosis, possibky not much but it does something. it has an extremely long half life so it accumulates in our systems quickly. 5mg everyday adds up.

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I have side effects: namely, loss of libido…

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