Thinking about quitting smoking

@jukebox inspired me. When I run out of cigs I’m thinking about it. Should I?

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Just do it. I quit 20 years ago. It was hell but I did it.


oh I hope you do…they will eventually kill you if you don’t stop. I’m 59 and that is way too old to be smoking two packs a day.


Go for it!!!

I quit addiction to cigs a number of years ago but sometimes I still go back. They say most people can’t do it though.

Once you quit you cant relapse at all (most ppl). First I went to the vape in 2015 then I quit in 2017

Now I prefer cbd for my oral fixation

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Jets vs lions super bowl! Wazzzzup!

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I think I know who you are now

Jets I like the Quarterback

Who would Think. A Mormon with tons of swagger :wink:

Or are you a new poster??? There’s a poster who used to be a lions fan who reminds me of u. U don’t have to say tho :v:

High hopes for my jets. Hope they don’t let me down againnn


Kids gonna be a beast like Steve Young!

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Yeah that confirms it’s you lazy boy

You always like to trolololol

I’m thinking about quitting everything cigs, caffeine, weed and alch.

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Take it easy cowboy!!! Caffeine might be a lil extreme. Ever been to an AA meeting??? Half the people half just a coffee in their hands. The other half has both a coffee and a cigarette

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Gotta do it!!!

Great idea. But you really need to start with one thing, and if it is the cigarettes, that will be tough. I was in the same position quitting cigs, caffeine and sugar all at once. It doesn’t go well. Cigarettes only take a toll on you.

I will never quit smoking until it kills me

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