Thinking about new hobby

thinking to learn something new… any advice…i thought to learn to play flute but there is no coach in my area…what hobbies are good for schizophrenia…my hobby is to play video games, but i want something new


Lift things up and put them down

what things ?..

These things

These are very heavy… i want to learn something with my mind so that my life be more precious

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Wheres ur graffeti dude …!!!

graffiti makes me tired so i dont draw anymore better playing video games

Reading is a good hobby. And can be a gateway to other hobbies. I suggest lonesome dove or Harry Potter. I find both books to be calming.

harry potter is a good idea thanks

Which game are u playing dude…!!!

i played starcraft 2 then mortal kombat xl and now thinking to play league of legends

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That’s an awesome idea, spooky! The flute is a great instrument! Have you checked out the free online flute instruction Youtube videos? :musical_note:

P.S. The recorder is another great instrument that’s kinda similar to the flute - a lot of free online recorder instruction and music too. :notes:

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Are u on ps4 …!!! Go play far cry 4 …!!!

i will not learn play flute from some videos, i dont know nothing about music, so i need a good teacher…but i am thinking better invest my time in gaming

Good morning my girl friend tomasina…

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i dont want to play farcry better gta 5

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Got it! :slight_smile: That makes sense, spooky! All the best with your gaming! I am happy you’re finding something you’ll enjoy!

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Go for it …!!! Spooky play far cry series…!!!

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