Thinking about my life

Theme: uselessness of suffering. our world has limits. the world of each of us. we have a specific language that we develop according to the environment where we grow. the narratives we say influence our emotions. we all have problems but we have to see the positive side of the problem. we need support groups and we must contribute and take advantage of the testimonies. we also need a psychologist to help us find the solution within us. in my case i search for independence. for this I will work part-time taking into account my mental weaknesses. when I have possibility I will specialize in pharmacy technician to work full time with less stress. What do you think about your life? Do you have a plan to resolve your big problems?


I think my life has been full of a lot of nonsensical and undeserved suffering. I have had to live a split life where on one hand I was constantly dealing with the hell my brain put me through and on the other I was supposed to be this normal happy kid living a normal happy kid life and I think having to do that and split myself for so long really messed me up.

I am working through solving my big problems right now. It is hard but I am making steady progress. Similarly to my ptsd recovery sometimes it is 1 step forward 3 steps back. But then it becomes 1 step forward 2 steps back. And then 1 forward 1 back. And then finally just moving forward. All it takes is persistence and patience. I have a lot of persistence, it’s patience I lack. But I’m doing my best.


Why do u think u have a mental weakness? Just because we’re diagnosed with sz doesn’t mean we’re weak.

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Way to go with the persistence. Keep plugging away at life. I’ve found that learning about sz and an ur myself I’ve enriched my life.

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I gave up on real life, I am living a better dream life.

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