Thinking about moving

There’s a Senior Citizen (62+) apartment building a half a mile away from where I’m currently living. The income limit is supposed to be $39,000 a year for this place, while the income limit where I’m at is $25,300. The only bad thing about the Senior building is it’s not as convenient for the bus stops. The place I’m at is three blocks from the bus station.

My problem is when I start drawing my pension when I turn 65, it’s probably going to put me over the income limit where I’m at, so I won’t be able to live here anymore. I just need to save up some money to move with. Maybe I can get an apartment close to the ground floor. Currently I’m on the 10th floor, and it’s difficult going up the stairs when both elevators are broken.


Sounds like a good plan.
I wish you luck @Blue65

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Thanks Wave. I’m waiting for my sister to call me this morning. She had a heart procedure done Tuesday, so I’m trying not to bother her.


How is she doing @Blue65?

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She texted me last night and said she thinks she is going to be all right. She seems to be doing well.

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Thank goodness.
I’m glad for her.

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I think it’s going to be wait and see if the procedure fixed her AFib problem.

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