Thinking about leaving my boyfriend of nine years

I just went into the living room and sat down. He said what do you want I said to have a good day. He said I don’t want to hear you talk I don’t feel good.98% of the time I stay in the other room to myself.

I am in debt and cannot afford a apt on my own. I could
Live in a least I wouldn’t have to thru this ■■■■ anymore.


I suggest swinging things around over a few months towards a living situation where you two have your own rooms. Just make sure that the rooms are big enough that if one is bogarting the living room, then the other has basically everything in his or her bedroom the same either way.

But really you could find a kind of home that you live in which only has one bedroom, but in some way just make 2 bedrooms out of it by making a room designated for something else into a bedgroom.

I’ll tell you what though. Life is something that if it isn’t inspiring you in some poetic way, then it is telling you all of the truths, and when you get enough of the truths in you over the years, it’s that kind of memory that you see yourself, your thoughts and feelings, and other people through. It’s hard to get them out of that kind of thinking because it’s all they believe, and there is no reason to re-arrange their own minds to suit another way of thinking because the one they use works to get them by with no matter how illogical, logical, or impractical it is.

If I were you two, I would try to move the arrangement out to a rural setting where there is outdoor activity such as making a garden, pets, and even setting it up to entertain other people. If it’s just you two in a living arrangement, then it’s like it’s stuck in 1st gear or reverse all the time, and you don’t feel anything like your going anywhere. But if you throw in any reason to get out of yourselves into other things like outdoor thingies or other people coming to the place that you treat with some food, chat, and maybe some crafts that you were working on, and you throw in some social media where you all know each other, that’s great. It will get you off of 1st base, and before you know it, your on 3rd base by the end of the day before hitting the sack. You’ll look forward to it all over again or in a new variety because it was something other than locked into 1st you see.

I highly recommend adding on a social media kind of thing such as Facebook where you can add pictures and chat with people like yourself. You can learn new things, new kinds of people, politics, and other things worth talking about. The thing about facebook is there’s no obligations, and I have known thousands with millions I don’t know that are drawn to that kind of social atmosphere without any obligations neither social ones nor financial ones, yet they can hit it off every day because there’s a group there. 100’s or more if they want. That makes it easier to get people to stop by or to have you over.

And maybe in due time such as a year or two with memories being layered like that a new routine comes out of it, and so between the memory layers and the routines you can see each other through different thoughts and feelings you see. Then it’s not so much the cold, hard facts of life which are not exactly what you want to be looking at other people through because it’s not practical not in any social nor financial way.

It’s just a suggestion.

Being in company with someone is the matter of death and life, if he doesn’t understand you and dont help you to fulfill your mind leave him cause he will be a hindrance to your health and feeling happiness which is the goal of life,

You have been having a hard time lately.

I would wait and make decisions like that after you get stabilized.

It’s very stressful on you both right now. Don’t quit on your worst day. (During a bad time it’s hard to make clear decisions.)


Wait a bit you still need to get adjusted and stabilized. I’m sorry you’re having such a hard time.

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I don’t think it is healthy to consider separation from someone you are with for 9 years during your relapse.
If you have family to take care of you, stay with them. If not, stay where you are until you gain sanity and daily functionality.

You are still hearing a lot of yelling daily.


Thanks. He apparently was having a bad day. I’m trying my best to get better.


Okay. Just focus on getting healthy for now! you have too much to deal with anyway.


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