Thinking about joining Red Cross

Just helping neighbors for now, but I’m scared if I develop illness it would be the end. Maybe…


Last time during floods here wanted to join, but formular says schizophrenics can’t join… :palm_tree:

I would totally join

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Yes, but I must care about meds and my other health issues.When it’s obligation then it could be harder. I probably will try if things get more serious.:palm_tree:

I called Red Cross but there are no voluntary activists on field.They asked me to leave my number if help is needed in future.Cant believe they haven’t organized help for neighbors these days. :desert_island:

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In the meantime I managed to contact chief of my building and went door to door and gave cards with my number to everyone. Least I could do. :palm_tree:

I thought about that before but it was for Christian Aid, i thought it would be cool to travel for free but i think it would be hard work and i’d be in the middle of nowhere possibly at risk, i might consider doing it if i wasnt on my own but its hard work.

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Finally made a contact.I’ll be calling chief of local Red Cross here for food and other things to deliver my neighbors,but not till friday.I send for print warning @anon80629714 posted yesterday for people with weak immune system,so I hope it would be on doors of neighbors soon.Tired as hell,just returned from city and nothing of institutions for help is working. :expressionless: :desert_island:

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