Thinking about going to a concert, BUT-

Would the noise be bad for the baby?
I know you guys aren’t baby pros, but just looking for advice… I googled it and it said it should be fine.

I will be 6 months along when the concert happens…

I invited my mother in law to go with me and she’s all worried it’ll be bad for the baby…

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The baby should be fine. I performed in a vocal jazz band with loud speakers amplifying the sound while pregnant with my daughter. She’s fine. No harm done. But, she basically did somersaults and kicked and was very active while I sang on a loud stage.


The baby will only get ill if it’s a Rick Astley concert…like everyone else attending.


I don’t even know who that is… :joy:


Okay, cool, yeah I read the baby might move a lot from the noise but that it should be all okay

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Damn @anon39054230, we old.


Never heard of Rick Astley? Lucky you!


M.C. Hammer is still a thing though, right?



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LOL, I know the guy… but he’s not exactly a “thing” anymore

Well, crap. Pass the seniors menu, wouldya?

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Noise doesn’t bother the baby.

Even loud, concert like noise.

I went to a concert when I was about twenty weeks and my kid is fine.

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Okay, cool :sunglasses:

I’m still gonna bring it up to my doctor anyways, just in case


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