Thinking about getting a pet ferret

Saw a cute baby ferret at the pet store today, thinking about taking it home. Do any of you have experience with Having ferrets, how maintaining one works out?

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Yeah they’re really messy and a lot of work. Didn’t love them I cared for them at my job that was enough for me.

Getting a pet is a serious thing… Do you have the time and ability to give him love, take care of him, money to take the pet to a vet regularly, for food and other expenses, have time to spend with him?

If you go to the hospital, who will take care of him? If you need to go to somewhere on vacation how will you handle the situation?

There are a lot of variables that should be considered before getting a pet.

Ferrets are incredibly high-maintenance pets. Adorable, though.

I want to buy a cat home for outdoor cats. There are many cats in my subdistrict.


I have worked a lot with ferrets when I used to work at an animal camp. They are WONDERFUL pets. Very silly and fun to play with, a lot of personality.

Things to know
-They REEK. Badly. Just know that whatever room you keep them in is going to stink to high heavens. Bathing them regularly can help this, but they are a member of the weasel family which produces a strong musk so really not much can be done.
-They need a large cage and plenty of toys, and love to sleep in hammocks or other comfy things
-They can be litter box trained and I recommend this as they are messy poopers :frowning:
-They are little Houdinis and can learn how to break out of cages. We had to adjust the ferret cage with measures to prevent this.
-They’re very flexible and can get into ANYWHERE. When I brought the ferrets home they squeezed into my cabinets and it was quite a chore getting them out!
-They sleep a lot. When they’re awake they’re super fun but just be aware they need a lot of sleep.


Very good advice this is all true. There was four of them and I had to take the poopy newspaper out and replace it with fresh ones every single day and they would always try and escape. It was really difficult. I guess with 1-2 it’s be less of a worry but there were 4! They were sick too and we had to give them meds a couple times a week. They might be prone to disease or maybe they were just rescued. Some people really like them but they weren’t my favorite critter. I think @Kazuma has the right idea with bunnies and I with birds :bird:

I had a ferret once…the smell wasn’t terrible…they are little thieves though…my car keys and eyebrow rings would go missing a lot…she would often replace my sandwich meat with something shiny usually my keys…

I found birds to be too loud and the rabbit I had chewed up the carpet horribly…and tried to mate with the cats constantly…

The ferret was a hilarious companion their worse than cats about getting into and on stuff…but its a fun little creature…