Thinking about driving from Chicago to Iowa for a haircut

It would be about a 6 hr round trip. Is this a crazy idea?


Depends if the haircut is gonna make me look like Brad Pit or not. Tho i just hate traveling in general.


Honestly no its not a good idea.

We’re isolating here in Iowa too, and just as likely to be infected by out of towners and out of staters as anyone else.

If you need a hair cut think about doing it yourself or buying buzzers. If you want a proper stylish haircut call and see if you can do a 1 on 1 at someones home or if they can come to yours.


That is really a bad idea. We are all in lockdown here because of a deadly virus. A haircut is not worth risking your life. Just be shaggy for a couple months like the rest of us.


It sounds a little crazy :sloth::sloth::sloth:

I say go for it! We all need a haircut for confidence, it’s important. I got mine just before the shiit hit the fan

Very bad idea :-1:

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No that is ok it might be worth it. Just got my hair cut near my mom’s place a couple weeks ago.

You know you could have Covid 19 and be spreading it. That’s a really bad idea. No traveling!


Anybody remember those Spray-On Hair advertisements?

But what do you do if it rains? You’d look like a melting M&M!


(And I guess it doesn’t help that this hair model dude looks like Saddam Hussein!)

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Are you baiting with this post? A haircut? I don’t like watching the news, but I think you should watch for just maybe 20 minutes.

I assume you’re joking.

Hair styling places here in Arkansas are closed. Nothing to do but let it grow out.

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i just shaved mine. haven’t paid for a haircut in 8 years, and i went 7 years before that. so 2 paid haircuts in the last 15 years.

Sounds crazy now, really.
I cut my own hair since I was 20, before my mom cut my hair and my parents are rich, its not a question of money, its faster. I only go to the barber for events like wedding.

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