Thinking about competing in bodybuilding show next year

i got a whole year to train for this bodybuilding competition i weight like 130 lbs ill need to be 126lbs or so with more muscle under 10 percent bodyfat


I have a question…
I’m sick with gastroparesis gerd and diabetes. I’m losing weight, and losing strength. What I have left is flab. What do you recommend? I’m 47, female, and 20 pounds more than I should be.

im not a doctor or a nutritionist . what have you been doing so far to lose weight? do you train for strength like resistance training with like weights like at a gym. its must be hard to lose weight with those conditions of yours are they controlled with medicine.

good luck, and work hard. Zen

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Sounds like a decent plan! Wish you well with it and think if your disciplined enough you can make it happen. More power to you!

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Nothing. The weight just comes off. I guess I’m just looking for generalisis. A nutritionist gave me a list of what to eat or not eat.

My question is how can I reduce the flab.

probably depends where the flabs is if its on your arms you can probably add some muscle to tighten it up but on stomach it would be hard without going under the knife =/ maby do crunches or planks to try to tighten things up. thats the only thing i can recommend.

What about burpees? I’m not sure I can.

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yes those could work to in fact thats a full body work out even better.

Thanks. Before MI, I worked out 2to3 hrs a day, 5to6 days a week.

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same haha now i can only do like 1 hour tops

I’d be happy with 1 mile 3x day 3 days week.
10 reps burpees, 3x day

That makes me tired lol

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