Thinking about buying an ar15 or a hand gun

I need something for self protection.

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Try a gun range and get an opinion there. Don’t think this place has many gun enthusiasts.

I used to think that. But my therapist said what if I really do hallucinate and I end up killing someone innocent like maybe a child because I thought a man was out to get me. I carry pepper spray instead now

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The only reason I thought about an ar15 is because I already know how to shoot it. I’m sure a hand gun will suffice. I’ll have to go to a gun range like you recommended.

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What the ■■■■ would you need an ar15 for? So glad guns are illegal here, it is such a bad idea.

You’re right a hand gun should suffice.

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I’m not too worried about that. It’d stay at home.

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umm yeah, if you’re new to guns, you should NOT buy an AR-15. But I suppose it’s a free country, you can do what you want. A handgun is a lot easier to use.

It’d be fun to practice shoot too.

I have a couple handguns, but my dad locked them away when I was diagnosed. I haven’t shot in years. Handguns are a lot of fun – just be careful. They are much easier to clean/upkeep than a big rifle, too.

Can mentally ill people buy guns in America?

In some states they can. It can only be used for self protection.

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I haven’t tried, but the background checks are pretty stringent nowadays (thankfully). Probably depends on where you buy the gun. But I have no need for more guns, and I’m kinda worried I’d get denied due to my diagnosis. So I’m not really sure.

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That is so messed up.

Yea I’d probably get denied too. There are gun shows though. I don’t know if you get denied once if you can go their to buy one or not. I’m a targeted individual so I need protection from them. I even more so need protection from my neighbor. I’m going to defend myself if he comes in my yard.

All I know is I probably won’t. The reason I won’t is because the FBI or whomever have been following me and harassing me. They like to set up schizophrenics.

I’d maybe stick with pepper spray. They have bear mace (which is used to fend off bears) you can buy, and it can spray up to like 20 feet.

If you really feel that unsafe, I would question whether you should live where you do.

This is why you should never be allowed to have a gun.


If you believe that the FBI are following you and that’s why you want a gun, then you’re too sick to own one. That’s a very bad situation waiting to happen.

All we really need to see is another headline about a schizophrenic attacking or shooting someone over a delusion.