Thinking about all the stuff you don't know in the world

It can get pretty overwhelming sometimes, right? It can overload your circuits.


I feel like a complete idiot compared to most people. I wish I knew just a fraction of what was out there. I have very little practical knowledge.

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There are a lot of very disturbing things that happen in the world. People being killed in all sorts of ways and stuff. Or animals dying. There is a very large amount of disturbing, graphic material online. I never want to look up any of those things. I don’t want to know about it.

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I know plenty of useless sports stats, grew up collecting cards and watching sports, hence the useless knowledge. when I watch jeopardy, I can answer maybe 1/4 of the questions.


yep… I wish I could go see one of those weird landforms in tibet.

or do you have those out in cali?

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When I go to my parents all they do is watch TV and I just sit there and watch the news or their shows. It really overloads my brain. I can’t handle what goes on in the world. News especially. I get so overwhelmed. Anyone relate to me cuz when I hear people or family talk about what goes on in the world I get full of fear. Is the world coming to an end or something???

yeah tv bothers the crap out of me…

I don’t like to watch TV at all really. I have one at home that was given to me as a gift. But I only use it for when my mom comes over cuz she likes to watch movies
Question for anyone?? Am I like the only one that has a hard time with loud noise (except for music that helps with voices)??

Any air conditioner or fan, or automobile, or generator or anything else cause a perpetual presence of voices…

I’m pretty used to it now though… I like keeping the channel open because I’m pretty far past interacting with my voices to much and I hope they’ll eventually run their course and stop.

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When voices get bad I just put ear buds in and drowned them out. Always have music on at home just for noise. Now when yes get tough and I can’t cope I listen to music too. It helps me cope…

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