Think you are superior in your mind, project the opposite to the world

this is power imo

“he would strikes fear onto others lives in continual fear”(not sure who said this first)

anyway, i think power is making others believe you don’t have power. In your mind though and behind the curtains, you know differently. By concealing your power and superiority, you have effectively disarmed your enemies

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I think you have delusions of grandeur.
You are not superior but equal to others.
People are different, but all are equal in terms of rights and status in society.

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This is why you think it and not act on it. There is no such thing as thought broadcasting

@crsaen I think that the thought that you are superior is an intrusive thought, it’s
part of your illness.

so i guess all positive thinking is instrusive?

To think that you are superior is intrusive, the key is to be able to feel good about yourself without
putting other people down and degrading them.

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did you read my original post or even the title?

I think that you should have clean thoughts as well.

Equality or inequality is a made up line with bogus weights you hold by your ignorance or fear.

Power is the ability to affect change in the world around you. That power can also turn enemies into friends, or at least allies.

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It was the great teddy roosevelt that said “speak softly but carry a big stick” wack

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I will fight for equality tooth and nail.
Equality mean everyone has the same rights and the same status in society and the same financial
situation and the same opportunity to do things in society.
even people that you dislike.
Equality is winning whether you like it or not.

Good luck to you on equating to self.

It is that of a self to equation.