Think my best friend has not got long

She’s just admitted to hospital,
been with her and got her to gp then A and E

3rd time in the same rehab to go to when there’s a bed
3 years ago she was in an alcoholic coma for 3 weeks
she’s been relapsing at intervals, but not always going with it for more than 3 days
her liver is shot.
heroin and alcohol
This time it has taken a week from starting to fitting and not being able to walk unassisted.
I’ve known her sober most of the time in 3 yrs but it’s not the first relapse now at all
my sister is 5 years or so behind her.


Hope for the best. But prepare yourself for the worst.

That would have been me too if I just didn’t get lucky with AA.


I am sorry about your friend…sad sad…I will pray for her and you.