Think & move. Do you?

Think & move. Do you?

You mean like conservation of energy by planning your next move? It was necessary for me when my COPD was bad. It made me feel like Clint Eastwood.

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It’s like doing the best…

Let us just say you are playing the game called Life itself or Chess


Think & move means

you don’t make any mistakes,

not even a single mistake.

In Life mistakes are okay but you must think before any such

automatic mistake…

Expand on that, what are automatic mistakes?

I feel they are patterns, you know just things that are set up for us to either conquer or fail.

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Thinking this way can be from fear of making mistakes, which is an unfortunate position to be in … IMO.


Automatic — yes pattern our unique pattern — can’t escape from it, not fear but automatic pattern repeating itself

must conquer it

must think and move.


“Don’t think twice it’s all right.”

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Think and move, like I tell myself with my body, it’s very true.

But I think you mean other things, like goals.

I don’t always trust that thought that says something though,
it might not be the right thought.

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I agree with you, all.

Proper thought process and mature thinking reflects in your posts.

Perfect, simply perfect. Nothing but truth.