Think it’s time I went to a doctor

I have had a headache and very slight temperature for like 3 weeks straight. At first I was worried it was covid but the test came back negative.

Tylenol kinda helps but the stuff for sinusitis TOTALLY helps (pseudoephidrine?)

Is it possible to have chronically inflamed sinuses?

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You can have a sinus infection for a long time. Especially low grade. Could be allergies causing it.

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Think an antihistamine would help?

It could if it’s a allergy problem. But I’d suggest you go to the doctor.

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Yep I think you are right - I should see a doctor

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If it has persisted for three weeks you should see a doctor. Get a culture done.


I agree. You need to see a dr if you’ve had a low grade fever that long

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Maybe you can get antiinflamatories or antibiotics. Its worth a try. Looks like you are your own best doctor. I can only say i am in pain and the doc needs to do the guesswork.:joy: You doctor, i am tarzan, pain here.

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