Think it is a little to early in the season to have full blown flu

I thought I had flu. But now I think it’s just a stomach virus. I think the effects of the flu would be more profound.

Ugh stomach viruses suck… I thought you had a cold. Get well soon!


I am the worst patient and a self-confessed hypochondriac!

Saying that I definitely do have a stomach bug and I have that viral illness aches and pains going on. Just gonna take it easy this weekend

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Get some apple cider vinegar. Mix a tablespoon with 1\4 cup water, sweeten to taste. This helps kill any bug in the stomach. It stopped food poisoning in it’s tracks for me. Literally worked in first drink.

Hope you feel better.

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I predict this has something to do with residual anxiety from leaving the flat earlier in the week. Where are you at with getting a support worker?


Oh that is interesting. Could be anxiety for sure. I have irritable bowel syndrome and stress can fuel that. Never thought of that.

Need to speak to the nursing team about a support worker

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When can you do that? Put it on your to-do list so you go through with it, because it will really help you.

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Will do 1515151515

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