Think im getting worse

i was with a great guy the other night n had cuddles n sex n it was good. then yesterday morning i wanted to stab him - he doesnt know - and i didnt tell him - i went in the bath instead, then he had to leave for his bus so i had calmed down by then. wtf is wrong with me?


I don’t think there’s anything “wrong” with you. You didn’t act on it, which is good. And you removed yourself from the situation, which is also good. Sounds like you’re doing all the right things :heart:

Sometimes I receive commands to hurt people/myself and in the moment it can be really hard to say no. Like, I want to. But it’s not actially me who wants to. If that makes sense… Just have to keep fighting it.

Are you on any meds? :slight_smile:


I would not worry. I also have the sickest thoughts. Just do not worry about it. passes automatically. Do not pay attention to it.

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yeh im on quetiapine 50mg in morning 100mg at night xxxx


That’s good! Do you think you’ll tell your doctor that this thing happened?

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