Think I'm falling apart

Thanks everyone for your replies. I’m not sure what is worse at present the backache or the sore right foot.

I think a little exercise is a great idea. Can you get physical therapy for your back and hip? It might help a lot. Once you get moving you may start feeling like you can do even more. Also, swimming is great for exercising the joints without too much shock on the joints. You may want to start there if you can get access to a pool. Otherwise PT would be beneficial.

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Saw a GP . It’s much ado about nothing,or at least that’s the impression I got . He doesn’t think it’s neurological . His reckoning is that is very likely due to muscle weakness,as a result of inactivity.

It was typical sod’s law, as can perversely happen when you visit a doctor, that one of the things being tested, my balance, was better than it’s usually been recently.

Physiotherapy has been recommended and my stepdaughter is going to make a chiropodist’s appointment for me re my back pain .

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30-60 seconds?! WTF! They’re having a laugh. I managed about 12 seconds.

Same here. People pass me where ever I walk. During my morning walks. Shopping malls… I’m like a snail

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3 hours sleep . Had to get up to do a pee.Foot really sore as I moved feet to get out of bed… Tried getting back to sleep. Soreness too intense. Taken a painkiller in the hope it will lessen the soreness. Can’t face moving to get dressed…

Tried to put feet up to help with swollen feet and legs managed about 90 seconds -soreness too intense.

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Sorry man, it’s tough when you’re struggling with poor physical health. Hopefully you can see a doc soon and get some help with the worst of the aches and pains.

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Thanks for caring .Saw GP yesterday afternoon. Scroll up to see that post. GP saw foot , as I had to do several things to see if it was neurological . There was no response about the foot.

The sore foot,itself, is trivial compared to your health issues . It’s the knock effect that’s more problematic .It doesn’t help that I have a low pain threshold.

Not really, not if it is impacting your quality of life this much. Sorry for missing the earlier post, finally catching up now that I’ve nailed down the issue with my station’s streaming issues. It never fails, it blows up every year as I’m about to go on holiday!

I’m actually doing okay this evening. I had the first four teeth pulled just after noon. That part of my mouth is a bit sore, but the agony from the infected tooth with the exposed root is gone now. The broken tooth next to it that was slicing up my tongue is also gone. Such a relief!

Hoping you’re able to start getting these things sorted soon, sir. Would like for you to have some relief as well.


Get a rollator walker. That’s what I use. They help a lot and don’t require the coordination of regular walkers.

I’m sorry. I’m right there with you tonight with the painsomnia. It’s only 2:30 but I’m already ready to give up trying.

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Another alternative is trekking poles:

Very handy for uneven terrain.

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Did the GP measure your gait at all?

Sometimes back brace helps me when I’m having lordosis. It hurts a lot when I have curved back as well and I sometimes use it when the pain level gets too high.

Also, if you can, investing on a cane might be a good idea. There are a number of crutches that you can buy on Amazon if canes don’t seem like the fit for you.

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Thanks @laetitia . . I think it’s very much a case of being somewhat obese and very sedentary. The sedentary part having got worse during the lockdown. What would help a lot is my right sole getting better , that would allow me to walk longer distances . Back pain is better than back pain + sore sole . Also if foot is not sore that will make it much easier to put feet up to combat the swelling. Am trying to put feet up ,but it’s really sore when I do. After about 2 minutes or so it gets too much, and I have to put feet down again.

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