Think I'm falling apart

Physically , not mentally. Hip area has been hurting for quite a few months. Can only walk short distances due to lower back pain. Stepdaughter says my being very sedentary hasn’t helped. the aim is to get me to do short walks at first, then gradually longer ones.

On top of that it’s appeared to me that my balance, which has never been that good anyway, has got worse. I mentioned it to my stepdaughter and she totally agrees with me. She’s going to phone the GP next week.


I feel like I’m falling apart too. I’m “only” 50.


Do you have a certain gait? Or do you have lower back pain due to curvature of your back (lordosis)?

I assume if you’re losing balance there’s something wrong with your gait.

I have some sort of slap gait when I’m going down a hill, and I have a waddling gait.


The low back pain was put down to wear and tear at the base of the spine . My stepdaughter has said that I walk wobbly like I’m drunk. My late wife also commented about it on several occasions . My stepdaughter has said that I’m the clumsiest person she has known . School reports from way back mention my poor coordination .

I’m falling apart too…
I have a hard time walking in public.
I walk real slow.


I used to walk quite fast. I tend to veer from side to side quite a lot when walking .

I do this also from time to time.
My balance is not the greatest.

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I have no depth perception is my problem. I’m told if you fix your gaze on something while you are walking, it will help.

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Oldest granddaughter suggested a walker. Stepdaughter thinks I wouldn’t be coordinated enough to use one .

I’ve been doing this exercise that makes my hips hurt when I walk. It’s my connective tissue. I think I am just going to have to resign myself to walking for exercise.

I think you and your step-daugher and maybe grand daughter should all work together to see what’s best for you. Your step-daughter sounds intelligent and like she has some common sense but if you are in such bad shape it might be smarter to consult with a physician together before starting on any exersise regimin, even if it’s something as simple as walking.


My stepdaughter has much more common sense than me . She is branch manager of a national care agency that provides care and nursing at home . Has worked in care and education since 1995.Previously worked with children and adults with autism,dyslexia and learning difficulties. Was previously deputy manager for three care homes for adults with learning difficulties,

More recently has been working with the elderly, covering dementia, palliative care, eating disorders and mental illness, so she has a wealth of experience across the care industry.


(Slow gait predicts cognitive decline prospectively.)

I’m basically screwed.

Yeah, that’s great, from reading your posts every now and than I never doubted her intelligence or common sense but the health problems you deal with are extremely serious and it wouldn’t hurt to consult with an actual MD.

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I’d heard about that some time ago. I wouldn’t say I’m slow ,just not as fast as I used to be . I think when you reach a certain age you worry more about mental and physical decline . The mental decline being above that that would normally be expected for a person your age .

The average person of 30 should do better than the average person of 70 on an IQ test. Thus adjustments are made to account for age .

For a 63 year old that never went to uni (boosts IQ by 1-5 points a year) and did little that was intellectually stimulating between 1975-1996 (when I got my 1st computer and went online) I don’t do too badly .

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That’s what she’s planning to do.


Today I slept almost all day, with short breaks for eating and smoking. Recently my focus has been rather bad. I wonder if I need a med adjustment.
Physically I feel ok although I can no longer run like before (I did a marathon 6 years ago ffs!!!) - I get tired after 3km.

@firemonkey also check with a neurologist to see if you have a late-onset genetic/neurological disease. It might help to clear any sort of neurological problems and to determine if it is because of physical origin.

I have significant problems with gait and it’s the worst. It hurts my hips all the time, and my ankles are always hurting because of hypermobility. Also, see if you can see a physiotherapist who can fix your way of walking, get you started on wearing AFOs if you need one, etc.

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Sorry to hear that, hope you get better soon! My mom struggled with severe lower back pain and could not even walk upstairs or barely walk at one point. Turns out she had a cyst on her spine! When she got it removed all her pain was gone. Im glad you’re seeing a doctor.