Think im a lowlander

my dad comes from a highland clan. (Scotland) but I don’t feel like a highlander. I’ve always been afraid of my heights. I can’t even look over a ledge and I don’t like being up in high rises and I’ve always been terrified of roller coasters. this makes me think I have more of my mom’s lowland genes. my sister on the other hand has always been a climber and a thrill seeker. she used to climb trees as a kid and has even jumped out of an airplane before.

I do like parts of Nebraska and Wyoming though where you can feel the elevation but are standing on flat rolling ground. so I don’t know I think im a lowlander. going to start learning more about Scotland.

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one of my favorite tunes. the highwaymen, cash kristoferson nelson

the highwaymen

On my dad’s side I come from Ulster Scots, apparently.

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yeah that was what my mom’s genealogy test just came back as…ulster scots or scotch irish I guess is what she called it.

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