Think I’m gonna volunteer in my hometown!

I’m gaining conviction and I am filled with excitement for it all.

I owe a lot to health and recovery. And this site, for being able to get out some of my thoughts out and see them.

So this morning I formulated the question into google: ‘volunteering in (blank) township’, and there’s oodles of things for me to digest, first.

So far it’s speak about ‘committees’ and ‘boards’, so of course knowing me I now have a critique on some of the verbiage! Ahaha.

I am so ready though, and am like a ‘coiled spring’ for giving back, NOW.

I never really left my hometown save for college and a few stints having my own apartment. I won’t beat the drum and chest pound about what I’ve managed so far But I’ve scratched at this concept in my past (and it’s telling to me now) and this is before I consciously knew it was an ‘ache’ or ‘itch’ in me.

What really ‘gets me’ going and what I have a lot of bias for, is food insecurity in the schools, I presume it occurs somehow, someway, across the board.

So I’m ‘willing and able’ to give SOME and even will be posIng a question soon to the right people [if]:

I can break bread, too (with parents? Or the child in question?) and interface SOME with those I aim to help.

(To fill bellies a little better and do some good talking/sharing about stigma since they no doubt get that even before they know the word for it.)

My money is where my mouth is on this.

I’ll be keeping the forum in the know, like a commitment, because I think it’s going to heal me further, as well.

I will execute though and am treating this post as again a commitment to do more, get out more, etc., etc.

Maybe ‘talk is cheap’? I will follow up with the forum on this… And I should’ve done more starting around 2 years ago… I’ve reality tested enough that my eye contact issues are much more resolved.

Without really knowing you, I suggest you have a little hypomania. When I have hypomania, I understand my judgment is likely off. Therefore I avoid big purchases or new romantic commitments.

That’s more than fair… it’s my coffee; I have this belief that it makes me feel good and doesn’t make me feel jittery or bad when I come down off of it. But I’ll take your comment to heart.

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I am a very busy person, I don’t have spare time or energy to volunteer.
A volunteering work that I would recommend ( for those interested in volunteering) is to spend time with the elderly, to converse with them to help them combat loneliness, and perhaps help them with
stuff like cooking, cleaning and buying groceries.


You’re right and I think I can do that… I’m the opposite of an ‘ageist’ and I like talking about ‘mortality’ in a way that is soothing to older people in my family. Maybe that is something a lot of us should think about and have potential for.

@anon64158233 I am sorry mate but your comment is really offensive. I don’t think elderly people should
think about mortality. They should think about extending their life as much as possible and making
the most out of each moment they live.

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I’m sorry your offended. That’s the last thing I wanted.

I have ‘necromancy’ and have had wonderful convos at the dinner table with people in my extended family.

Don’t volunteer, that’s a slow path to income. Need a decent nest egg for the possible depression on the horizon. State might not be there when you need it.

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I do know what you’re saying.

But had a wake up call at an interview for a job about 2 years ago… I was positioning my resume gap that I was in day trading.

They wound up asking me: ‘what’s the last nice thing you’ve done for someone?’ And my answer wasn’t good enough.

But volunteering can help me to further reality test… and I have a lot of time on my hands for both.

I used to volunteer in a hospital. They paid my parking and lunch. They also gave me a certificate at the end.


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